• How does psychotherapy or counseling help?

• What should I expect at my first session?

• How long do I need counseling?

• How do I know if my insurance will cover services at Creative?

• What hours are available for appointments?

• How do I reach my therapist in an emergency?



• How does psychotherapy or counseling help?


o Participating in counseling has proven to be beneficial to many individuals in the past. It serves as ean opportunity to speak with a neutral and non-judgmental professional to learn new skills and techniques to address areas of one’s life that are negatively impacting them in some way. Clinicians use evidenced based-practices to effectively assist clients with their concerns, yet treatment is individualized to each person and is guided by the client.


• What should I expect at my first session?


o The first session is most often used to complete intake documentation and conduct a comprehensive assessment. During this time we will review your rights and receive consent to participate in treatment. A clinician will use this time to ask questions about many areas of your life in order to obtain a holistic view of the presenting problems. After you have spent some time speaking with the clinician, you and the clinician will make a decision on what services would be best to meet your needs and set goals and expectations for treatment. This first session is usually a little longer than most normal sessions and can be about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours in length.


• How long do I need counseling?


o The duration of counseling services depends on the individual client and the goals they set for themselves. Since treatment is centered on the client’s needs and desires, treatment can be as brief or as long as the client desires. To be effective, some problems can be addressed in a very brief time, while others may need a longer period of time to show improvement in the desired areas.


• Which services are available to you ?


o Creative Interventions accepts most insurance plans including:


     - Aetna,

     - Amerigroup,

     - Blue Cross Blue Shield

     - Cigna,

     - Humana

     - LifeSync

     - Medicaid

     - Peachstate,

     - Tri-Care,


   At Creative Interventions Inc, we believe that today’s healthcare environment requires clear and responsible communication about financial issues. Prior to your first appointment, our staff will confirm your mental health benefits and inform you of which services are available to your through your plan and what portion of services will need to be paid privately.


    If the services you request are not covered through your insurance company, you are welcome to pay privately. We accept cash, check or credit card. We are committed to providing the best treatment for our patients and we charge what is usual and customary for our area. Our services are generally eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement as well.


• What hours are available for appointments?


o Creative Interventions strives to schedule appointments that are convenient to our clients. We offer early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments. Our office hours are as follows:


     Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

     Tuesday and Thursday: 8 am -7pm

     1st and 3rd Saturdays: 9am – 12 pm


• How do I reach my therapist in an emergency?


o Our staff is available to clients 24-7. You may contact your therapist during office hours by phone if you feel that you are in danger to yourself or others. If you contact the office after hours and need assistance, you will be transferred to our crisis line where a licensed staff member will be able to assist you.